Ricky Hatton vs Juan Urango

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1/20/07. Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton vs Juan Urango for Urango's IBF super lightweight title. Hatton also holds the Ring 140 lb title.

Hitman IBF Juan Urango Riccky Hatton Ring lineal

Alexis Espiñola
haton not smart fighter. same goat fighterhehehehe😂🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅🐅
Benancio Barraza
Big guys.
Captain Wonderwall
Hatton was fighting with a chest infection in this , hence why is trainer told him to 'just get through this'.
Colin Hutchinson
one hit wonderman Hatton (not)
Damn, what a crappy trainer Billy Graham was. Hatton would have been much better sacking him sooner.
Lito Montejo
Hatton looks like a gay he is always hugging to his opponent hehehe
Peter Matahelumual
Pacquiao only takes 2 rounds
alberto parada
que boxeo más aburrido el de Hutton,un golpe y se amarra,golpe y se amarra,no tiene más
elizabeth tan
Hatton should not called hit man.. but.. magnet man.. a very boring boxer..
jeffrey jones
Hatton is a hold and hit fake.
Hatton was so boring at this stage of his career. 1 punch and grab. Over and over.
randy rysdale
they should use 8 oz gloves at all weights. if you use a bigger glove , you may take more punishment. with smaller gloves you knock guys out quicker