GPR 036: Live with Dr. Mike Chandler // 2 in a zoo // Adoption Story

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In this episode of Growth Project Radio Dr. Danny Purvis sits down with Author/speaker/vlogger Dr. Mike Chandler to discuss his new book, his viral youtube channel, and his adoption story. Danny tries his best to play the host in Roberts absence but we all know there is no replacing Robert . ;-)Visit Dr. Chandlers popular youtube channel at Visit our website

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I’m a 20 year old from Texas, so yeah I understand the heat. \n\nI was adopted when I was a baby, remarkably through a private adoption. A passing of guardianship from my birth mother to my adoptive family, and it has been really hard for me growing up to accept that. So my birth mother was a drug addict and in fact gave birth to be addicted to meth. I used to hold a lot of resentment towards her, because of the bad choices she made to do drugs while pregnant witch gave me some physical problems later in life. I also held a lot of resentment towards my adoptive mom because (she admitted this to me last year) she did not love me as much as her biological daughter because I bonded more with my dad. But through prayer and a lot of crying I was able to forgive both of them. I love y’all so much, I came from mike’s channel and have been watching your videos non stop on my way to and from school. Thank you for the amazing content
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Jaisy Johnson
Can u pls mention the author of the book'Orphanology'..I wish and pray someday God will help me to get that book.
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I have not heard about this before re preaching, very good! thanks for this topic. I have been concerned though when verses are missed when there is a Bible reading in church etc. Thanks Mike for sharing. Nice to hear more about adopting Cadie too, I have watched all of Mike's adoption youtubes.
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