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Recover Faster with Post-Surgery Massage

People who have just undergone surgery can recover faster with post-surgery massage. Post-surgery massage is beneficial to people who have undergone general surgery, orthopedic surgery or plastic surgery since it will help them recover faster and have time for rest and rehabilitation.

In post-surgery massage the goal is to increase blood flow and to target the lymphatic system for a speedy recovery. The lymphatic system is responsible for waste processing and fluid absorption. These fluids can harden after surgery. When this happens, the patient feels pain. The prevention and treatment of the hardening of fluids is encouraged by post-surgery massage. Massage will help reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation in the area that is affected.

With post-surgery massage you will also have aesthetic benefits like the prevention of scarring and discomfort. Below are some useful information to help you understand post-surgery massage.

A patient undergoes post-surgery massage so that his recovery is hastened and so that other problems are prevented. Below are some of the benefits of post-surgery massage.

Massage therapists carefully select their massage techniques in order to promote blood circulation and flow throughout your whole body, but most especially in the area that was operated on. Increased blood flow, helps deliver nutrients faster to areas which need it most. Soft tissues can have a faster time repairing themselves if there are sufficient nutrients given to them.

There are aesthetic benefits that post-surgery massage offers. Scarring is reduced or prevented with post-surgery massage. When your muscles are massaged, they get relaxed and become supple. When this happens scar tissues are prevented from forming in the area. Massage can also break up scar tissues that have already formed and hastens healing and regeneration in this area. Incrased blood circulation and nutrient distribution helps promote faster healing. Increased blood flow and oxygen delivered to your vital organs and tissues will make your body more flexible and regenerate and heal faster than without massage. Get post-surgery massage and you will be fully recovered and healed in no time.

Post-surgery massage therapists offer different types of massages depending on the area where you had your surgery and the amount of discomfort you are in. Below are some of the methods post-surgery therapists use to enhance healing.

If you want to remove fluids from your lymph nodes to elsewhere, then lymphatic drainage massage can do this. The swelling and filing of lymph nodes with fluids always happen after surgery. This condition is painful and the fluid has to be removed from the lymph nodes.

Another type of post-surgery massage is the transverse friction massage. The aim of this massage is to help reduce or remove scar tissues. Pressure is applied to that targeted area to remove scar tissues and allow the body the heal. Pain and discomfort can be removed as well.

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